X2F | Injection Molding Reinvented




Xtrude2Fill and the revolutionary X2F injection molding machines..

This new breed of unique molding machines features exciting patent-pending technologies that will be disruptive to the injection molding equipment industry.

Extrude To Fill, LLC

the low cost advantage…

  • Lower Capital Cost
  • Lower Tooling Cost
  • Lower Infrastructure Cost
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Lower Electrical Consumption
  • Yields lower production volume thresholds!!!
  • Yields lower molded part cost!!!

Extrude To Fill, LLC, based in Loveland, Colorado, is now selecting a small group of early development partners  to take advantage of X2F‘s exciting technologies. If you’re interested in participating in our introductory phase, please contact us at 877-572-2662.

Rick Fitzpatrick & Ron Leach present at the Blue Ocean Challenge
Rick Fitzpatrick and Ron Leach at the Blue Ocean Venture Challenge
Extrude To Fill, LLC was announced as one of the financial award winners
of the 2015 Blue Ocean Venture Challenge at Colorado State University

Revolutionary Design

Disruptive Patent Pending Technology


Since the process isn’t dependent on frictional energy to melt the material,  X2F machines have thin walled barrels (⅛”- ¼”) to conduct electrically generated heat, consuming about 10% of the energy required by conventional injection molding.


Nozzle Technology

Since the process does not rely on a “cold Slug” to seal the entry port to the mold our machines require only minimal pressure to fill the mold and deliver a continuous controlled flow of material.


Since our process does not rely on rapid injection of a fixed volume of material from the injection chamber our machines can provide real time pressure/volume feedback to confirm ‘cavity to cavity’ and ‘part to part’ consistency.

Lower Part Cost

Capital and Operating Cost Advantages


Lower Capital Costs

The X2F process doesn’t rely on the excessive pressures (typically 20,000 psi) to frictionally melt the material & forcefully inject it into the mold, so X2F substantially lessens the mass in the screw, barrel, platen & other mechanical facets of the machine.

Lower Tooling Cost

Because our process does not expose the mold to excessive injection & clamping forces, our tooling is typically made from aluminum, resulting in lower mold cost & moving the economic return threshold for a product to significantly lower minimum volumes.

X2F | Injection Molding Reinvented

Lower Operating Cost

Because our process does not require increased mass to accommodate increased cavitation or part size all aspects of mechanical wear and maintenance are reduced. The simplicity and smaller size of our machines allows for rapid tooling and material changeovers resulting in economic production at both high and low volumes.

Lower Energy Costs

Because our process does not need the mass in machinery or infrastructure we consume approximately 10% of the energy required by conventional injection molding. Our machines operate on 110V or 208V single phase power, allowing our customers maximum versatility and flexibility in machine placement.



Imagine… Endless Versatility

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Mold It!


Any Plastic!

Imagine a machine where you can run colored polypropylene, clear polycarbonate, glass filled nylon and much more … all on the same machine, with the same screw, and on the same day!

Yes, really!


Even Metal Injection Molding!

Imagine a technology that allows the molder to easily
switch between plastic injection molding and Metal
Injection Molding! (MIM) on the same day!

Yes, really!


Bio-based Materials and Waste Plastics

Imagine a technology that only exposes the material to the manufacturers recommended melt temperature and therefore avoids degradation. Imagine a process running at low, controlled pressure where co-mingled waste plastics remain mixed and produce quality parts. Re-molding from shredded potato chip bags anyone?

Yes, really!


Low Volume/High Volume

Imagine a technology that when incorporated into a small machine with inexpensive tooling and quick change over is competitive at significantly reduced volumes or offers the ability for mass customization of higher volumes. But the same technology when deployed in our multi-port array feeds individual or clusters of mold cavities while eliminating or reducing the need for runner systems.

Yes, really!


On-Demand Molding

Imagine a machine that is totally NOT dependent on motion to melt materials. Coupled with 110V or 208V single phased power and minimal compressed air (all electric models in 2016) these machines can be placed in work cells or in-line and produce on-demand or at varying intervals to match your production needs. No inventory, no handling, just a quality part, first shot, when you need it!

Yes, really!


Molding on Demand
Mass Customization


Forget everything you thought you knew about the capabilities,
complexity, hassles and limitations of conventional injection molding technology.

Contact us to explore the Endless Versatility of the X2F machine.

Just Imagine…